The Legend

The Legend

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ask and You Shall Receive

This is my first post this week not having anything to do with a trade.  My poor mailman probably deserves a little break.  It was a blast getting all the mail and showing off the fun stuff everybody sent me.  Looking forward to starting the cycle over again.  Remember if you have any Pirates for trade, shoot me a message. I'm pretty stocked with trade bait right now!

Now for some fun stuff.  A couple weeks back I featured my new McCutchen Triple Threads All Star patch.  You can see it again here.  In that post I mentioned that my goal was to find the Joel Hanrahan version of the same patch after one had slipped through my fingers early this year.  Well luck and timing was on my side.  A few days after the original post a Hanrahan made it online and I was able to negotiate a price with the seller.
Pretty sharp card!  Maybe I can find another one if I continue to talk about it.....

On Thursday I decided that I would skip work to watch a little afternoon baseball in Pittsburgh.  I finished a huge project at work so I decided to reward myself.  Thankfully my good pal Micah is spontaneous and skipped work with me.
The Pirates got beat by the Reds, but who cares.  What better way to spend a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Hope everybody has a good weekend.  Thanks for reading!


  1. What a beautiful park. Back in the summer of 2005 my girlfriend (now wife) decided to take in three ball parks on a drive from Michigan. We had plans to hit Cleveland, Cinci (first time for both of us), and Pittsburgh (ditto) on a week long trip. Alas, she found out she landed a job here in CA so we were only able to make it to Cinci as we needed to get ready to move. I ended up giving the Pirates tickets to friends when I was there on business. Some day we will make it back there.

    1. PNC is a great place to catch a game. Hopefully life brings you back this way so you can go.

  2. Wow... nice patches on the Hanrahan. Truly a beautiful card.