The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trade: Cervin' Up Cards

Recently Zippy Zap from the blog Cervin' Up Cards contacted me about a blind trade.  I sent him a bunch of Yankees cards and he loaded me up with Pirates.  Here is a sample of some of my favorites.

 I see Manny a lot at PNC park.  He has a table to sign autos by Manny's BBQ in the stadium.

 I'll have to have Zippy explain the Sega Gen cards I've been seeing so much lately.  Looks like a fun game.
 I really like the Allie auto.  He is an interesting prospect who was drafted as a pitcher but has been converted into a position player.

Thanks Zippy for the great trade.  Look forward to future deals.  If you have some Yankee cards to spare shoot Zippy a message. I'm sure he'll be happy to deal with you.  Just don't send him Ellsbury and McCann :).  

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  1. Glad you enjoyed some of the cards I sent :). I'm looking forward to future deals as well.