The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

The Pirates and Brewers don't get along very well right now, but at least in the blog world there is peace and harmony.  A while back Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and I exchanged a couple of emails and we hashed out a trade for some cards.  Here is a sample of what Tony shipped my way.

I was a huge Joel Hanrahan fan, but the Pirates couldn't have picked a better time to trade him to the Red Sox last year.  The Pirates received Mark Melancon and Stolmy Pimental and Hanrahan ended up blowing out his arm after a handful of appearances.  Thankfully it looks like Hanrahan is close to making a recovery and has been having throwing sessions for scouts.
When I was kid it was a big deal to get those big head cards out of Score.  Always cool to receive a Bob Walk too!

 Some vintage Buccos including a nice Stargell!
 Snider is looking a little rough after the scuffle with the Brewers.  This is a cool Topps Black card /62.

Mccutchen looks like he is posed for Senior pictures.  Nice to add some Turkey Red.

Thanks again Tony for the trade!  Look forward to keep sending you my Brewers.

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  1. Thanks for the trade -- that Travis Snider card is as black as his eye! :-) In all seriousness, the less said about that exchange of idiocy between our two teams, the better.

  2. Maldonado is a punk. He'll get his someday.

    1. I'm not sure what he was thinking. It was going to be just your run of the mill baseball fight until he threw a haymaker. He may have gotten lucky only to get 5 games.