The Legend

The Legend

Monday, April 21, 2014

Trade: Yadier Molina Baseball Cards

I contacted Brady from the blog Yadier Molina Baseball Cards a couple weeks back to let him know that I had some Cardinal cards to send him.  Brady was nice enough to send me back a ton of Pirates.  Here is a small sample (he sent a ton) of the Pirate goodness I received.

I wish a set would come out with a Bonilla auto or relic in the Pirate uniform.  He was such a big part of the early 90's success that it seems weird he doesn't have anything.

 Nice mix of Topps parallels.

 Some awesome Allen and Ginter Bucs.

Love the vintage Blass card.  I think at some point Pirate vintage is going to be a project of mine.  I have a pretty extensive Steelers collection that I think I might sell sometime down the road.  My Pirates and WVU collection takes up to much time as it is.

 Cutch cards!  Always appreciated.
Tom Gorzelanny framed relic.  I always liked Gorzelanny and never really understood why we traded him away.

Thanks again Brady for the great trade.  I look forward to more deals.  I'll keep my eye out for good Cardinal cards.

Thanks for checking out the blog.

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