The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trade: The Lost Collector

I was able to make a trade with AJ from the blog The Lost Collector right before baby Lucy came into the world.  Knowing he was a big Yankees fan I shipped him off a care package of Pinstripers and he loaded me up with some Buccos.  Here is a small sample of the cards I received.

Every Pirates fan loves Andy Van Slyke.  Always nice to add some cardboard of one of my childhood heroes.
I've been to a few shows where John Candelaria was a featured signer.  He is always nice and has some great stories.  
 Really like the Chuck Tanner card!

AJ even added a WVU card of head coach Bob Huggins.  Huggins actually had a few autos in some sets the past couple of years.  I'll try to show some off down the road.
I try to add Gerrit Cole cards as much as possible.  This one is from Bowman Platinum and is numbered to /999.

Thanks again AJ for hooking me up with all the great Pirates and WVU cards.  Once things settle down for you (in about 18 years) we'll make another trade.  I'm a new Dad as well this year so maybe we can work on our next deal when the little ones are keeping us up in the middle of the night.


  1. Thanks for the deal. I still have to post my end of the trade. I'll do that once things settle down.

    1. No problem! I'm sure you are a busy man right now.