The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Box Break: 2013 Gypsy Queen X 2

Today my friends Micah and Keith (The Home Run Apple) came over to my place to open some Gypsy Queen.  Normal protocol is that we open a box a month but we got a little behind schedule so we each busted 2 boxes.  I actually did pretty well for a change and got the biggest hit of the 6 boxes opened.
 This was the big hit as it is numbered out of 5.  Weird card, but I'll take it.

My friends and I have each opened 3 boxes of 2013 Gypsy Queen and each of us has pulled a Matt Carpenter and Garrett Richards.

I guess this counts as half a Pirates auto since Brock Holt was traded last year as part the Joel Hanrahan/Mark Melancon deal.  He had the game winning hit for the Red Sox today.  I hope Anthony Gose becomes a superstar because I have some good cards of his.  He is one of those guys that follows me when I bust a box.
 Run of the mill Markakis jersey.

 Addison Reed and Buster Posey framed jersey.

 Dan Uggla and Jacoby Ellsbury blue parallels.

 Sabathia and Scutaro minis /50.  Josh Willingham /99.

Black minis including Ralph Kiner!

Pretty good break overall.  I also traded Keith and Micah some cards to get some sp's as I'm really close to completing the set.  I'm only about 10 cards short.  Keith also traded me two Pirate black minis (Walker and Martin).  Always a blast to get together and open some cards and talk baseball.  

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  1. Nice break.

    That Craig card is money. ;).

    1. I was happy to make a rare pull....but I find the money cards a little weird.

  2. Very nice break. Any chance the Scutaro Sepia and Buster relic are up for trade?

    1. I can hold them along with that Posey purple from Heritage.