The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pinch Hitter

Matt is out of town this weekend, so he left it up to me (part time contributor and amateur card collector, Micah) to keep the blog running today.  I'll be honest, busting boxes once a month with Matt is pretty much the extent of my card collecting these days.  But as a life long Pittsburgh Pirates and baseball fan, I have opened my share of baseball cards over the years.  In fact, when I was a youngster, my dad would give me and my brother the Topps Pirates team set every season.  As a result, I have accumulated every Pirates team set going back to 1985.

Here is one of my favorites from this collection.  The 1987 Barry Bonds #320.  Bonds is not remembered fondly by most Pirates fans (including me), but he is still one of the greatest players to ever put on a Bucco uniform.  His two MVP awards are the most ever by a Pirate and he hit 176 of his 762 home runs while wearing the black and gold.  The "home run king" will be remembered mostly for his time as a Giant and his alleged steroid use, but it's fun to look back at skinny number 7 and see where it all started for him.  Plus, I think the 1987 Topps set is still and awesome looking set.  Thanks for checking out the blog today!

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