The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Box Break

I'm happy to report that everyone's favorite card collecting fanatic and captain of the Bob Walk The Plank ship, Matt, is on the road to recovery.  But, while he is out of action, I am going to do my best to keep things running for him, and after his crack about my '87 Topps post, I figured I should try to keep things a bit more current.

Last weekend, Matt and I decided to bust a couple of boxes before his looming trip to the disabled list.  Our choice was 2012 Topps Archives.  Archives is a favorite of mine because of the nostalgia factory, and I am a sucker for the fan favorite autos.  Here are the highlights...

Cleon Jones and Ray Lankford Fan Favorite Autos

1977 Cloth sticker inserts

1969 Deckle Edge
1968 3D Inserts

2012 Gold Parallels

1967 Sticker Inserts
Nothing too exciting, but it's always fun to break open some cardboard.  If you see anything you like feel free to shoot Matt a message.  Thanks, as always, for checking out the blog.


  1. I'm a HUGE fan of their Fan Favorites autographs. I regret not trying to build the 2012 set... but at least I ended up putting together the 2013 autograph set.

  2. As much as I have complained about 2014's Archives set, I am a big fan of 2012 and 2013. The cards are awesome from 2012...they made me remember why I liked collecting in the first place.