The Legend

The Legend

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tribute, Ideas and a Contest

2013 Topps Tribute Patch /10

Big thanks to my buddy Micah for taking time to write a quick post to keep the blog up and running this weekend.  He is a huge Pirate fan and is part of the monthly box break at my house.  Thankfully he didn't troll the site and have it shutdown.  

My wife and I spent the weekend in Fairfax Virginia for a wedding.  It was nice to see some old friends  and catch up.  If you can dodge the traffic (impossible) DC is a great place to visit.  My wife lived in Alexandria Virginia while we were dating so we had lots of practice learning the area and finding shortcuts.  

Now back to card business.  I'm not a fan of the patch cards in Tribute as I feel they do a terrible job of utilizing the small space.  This card is numbered to only 10 so you would figure each card would be a quality swatch, but you would be wrong.  This is about as good as it gets.  For some reason the patch cards are just lacking.  The best part of the Tribute sets are the on card autos.  

Funny story about this card.  My wife saw this card on the table and said it looked like McCutchen was hitting in lava.  Can't really argue with her that the design is odd to say the least.  When she told me this a light bulb went off.  I think once a month I'm going to find a card and have my wife describe it.  She knows nothing about cards so it should be a good read.  I figure I'll have a list of five questions pertaining to the chosen card and let her imagination run wild.  

If you haven't already go check out the contest Dennis from Too Many Verlanders currently has going on.  Free cards and a chance to win some awesome prizes.  You can't lose!  His hope is to gain some trade partners along the way.  I've made several trades with Dennis in the past so let me be the first to say you won't be disappointed.  He is one of the more generous traders out there.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well, you know, Topps is probably keeping parts of that patch for this year's Topps Tribute. ;-)

  2. I guess so. That is why I stay away from Tribute. The value just isn't there. If you are going to spend money for a box Triple Threads is the way to go.