The Legend

The Legend

Monday, June 23, 2014

Quad Buccos

2014 Topps Museum Collection Quad Jersey/Patch /99

A couple months back I was looking for some WVU cards on COMC and randomly searched some Pirates.  This card popped up with a price of $16 so I pounced on it.  The Marte patch is a nice three color and the Alvarez looks to be from the holiday camouflage jersey.  Pretty nice card for less than $20 bucks. I guess I will need to pay more attention to Pirate stuff on COMC.  

The Pirates climbed back to .500 with a win over the Rays.  Now is the time to put a nice run together as the Pirates have several series in a row against last place teams.  For any type of sustainable success my thought is the Pirates will need to get one more starting pitcher.  Gerrit Cole is about ready to come of the DL, but the thought of relying on Jeff Locke, Brandon Cumpton and Vance Worley for the rest of the season doesn't sound very appealing.  I always thought Ian Kennedy would be a good fit for the Pirates.  The Padres seem like they are going to clean house so maybe we can strike a deal.  


  1. Wow, that has some nice swatches on it! Great group of young stars, too.

    1. I mainly use COMC to pick up WVU cards, but that was a good find.