The Legend

The Legend

Friday, June 6, 2014

Trade: It's like having my own Card Shop

Late post tonight as I was enjoying the Pirates beating the Brewers 15-5 tonight.  Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop sent me some great Pirate cards in the mail this week.  We have made several trades as he was the benefactor of my Paul Goldschmidt hot streak right after I had started the blog.  Check out my latest package from Daniel....
2013 Topps /62

 Daniel helped keep my Gerrit Cole hot streak going by adding a purple refractor from Heritage.
 Skinny Bonds!
 Some former Pirates catchers.
 I love the Chad Hermansen "Talent Show" card.  What a bust he turned out to be.

Some fun minis!

Thanks for the trade Daniel.  I'll keep my eye out for some more Diamondbacks.  


  1. Y'all squeaked out a win tonight against the Brew Crew. You can't always be *that* lucky! ;-)

    1. Ha. It was really nice to beat Lohse. His eight earned probably equaled is previous five or six starts against the Bucs.

      Hopefully Garza sucks tomorrow.