The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trade: $30 A Week Habit

Robert's blog $30 A Week Habit has long been one of my favorites.  Being the trade addict that I am I shot Robert a message and we soon worked out a deal as I had a decent amount of Thome's and Blue Jay cards. Check out the very diamond/gold oriented package that was sent my way last week.
Here are some gold Topps including two 60th anniversary additions.  I really like the Ludwick as he doesn't have many cards in the Pirate uniform.
 Cutch gold!  Always love hoarding Cutch.
I haven't bought any of the new Bowman yet so this was nice addition.  This Cole is /500.  My Cole hot streak continues.
Some great diamond Topps cards.  

Thanks for the trade Robert.  Look forward to many more deals down the road.  


  1. Thank you as well Matt, I have a place to move my Pirates to now!!

  2. I don't think Gerrit Cole is going to be pitching in it, but you should still fill out a bracket to the CWS contest!

    1. I did! I filled it out when it first started. It may be under my name (Matthew Scott) instead of Bob Walk the Plank.