The Legend

The Legend

Friday, August 15, 2014

Trade: $30 A Week Habit

Robert from $30 A Week Habit recently went to the National in Cleveland.  Just like he did for Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, he was able to bring the National to my door.  Check out the parallel themed Bucco goodness.

Neither Francisco Liriano or A.J. Burnett have many high end Pirate cards.  I'm always on the lookout to add when I can.  Thankfully Robert helped me out by throwing in 2014 Bowman orange parallels /250.  Franky has really turned the corner since the All Star break and has helped solidify the staff.  Burnett took a deal with the Phillies last off season to play closer to his home in Maryland.
Perhaps one of the hardest types of cards to get a good picture of.  This Topps Chrome refractor of Starling Marte is a great looking card.  Marte is a Sabermetrics superstar with most of his value found in his defense and base running.  If he develops better plate discipline he could be an All Star caliber player.
I wonder if Russell Martin is giving Jimmy Rollins a clear path to the plate.  They really need to tweak that rule.
The highlight of Robert's parallel themed mailer is two low numbered Pedro Alvarez cards.  The Yellow parallel is numbered /99 while the Donruss Press Proof is out of /199.  Pedro is having a rough year as he leads the league in errors from third base.  A move to first is in the works.

Thanks Robert for all the great cards.  I really love all the Bowman parallels as I did not buy any cards from this years set.  The Pirates had very few players on the checklist so I decided to take this year off.  You helped fill the void!  I'll be sending some more Blue Jays back to you very soon.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Nice stuff! Not that I'm surprised since Robert's a great trader. After seeing others posting stuff he got them, I think he may have to do shopping for even more folks next year.

  2. This has become one of those "he sent me cards, so I'll send him some back" kind of blogger/trade relationships. Definitely a great thing!!

    Dennis, oh if I could have had enough money to buy for everyone that I wanted/needed to!!

  3. Very nice. Shoot me your address and I'll dump some Pirates on you!