The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trade: Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown commented on one of my posts saying he had some Pirate cards to send my way.  I always enjoy reading Gavin's blog so I was pretty pumped to finally be able to make my first trade with him.  He sent a wide range of cards my way spanning vintage to present day....
I was excited when I saw the shiny Pacific cards in Gavin's package.  These cards just ooze 90's.  I'm still working out the kinks on my new scanner so they are a little hard to pick up, but rest assured they are very shiny.
Here are some new cards of older players.  I'm always partial to John Candelaria.  I've mentioned on the blog before that I've met him and he was beyond nice.  Plus that awesome Pirates hat and 70's mustache make for a great baseball card.
Always fun to see a Bob Walk.  Here are some late 80's early 90's Buccos.  The last winning Pirates until last years team put the streak to bed.
I've been receiving a ton of Starling Marte cards lately which is awesome.
Gavin was nice to throw in this Kendall relic and auto.  I have quite a few Kendalls in my collection, but I didn't have either of these cards.  I've always heard that Kendall was a huge asshole, but he was always one of my favorites during a time when the Pirates didn't have many players to root for.
To finish things off Gavin threw in some Bucco vintage and one of my favorite mid 2000's Bucco cards.  I always liked the action shot of Jack Wilson mid swing.  

Thanks for all the great cards Gavin.  A return package left my house today destined for Oregon, so be on the lookout. Hopefully we can swap again in the near future.


  1. Love the Pacific cards-some of their sets are among the coolest ever.

  2. Glad you like the cards, Matt! Looking forward to the return package.

  3. Big Fan of the pacific cards. I have a few in my random binders. I remember they were one shiny card and one team? card or something per pack for like 2-3 dollars. Good times

    1. They are fun to look at. I remember some of the short prints being expensive.