The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trade: Remember the Astrodome

I contacted Bru from Remember the Astrodome to let him know that I was sitting on a ton of Astros trade bait.  From that a blind trade was born.  I sent Bru a good chunk of modern releases while Bru hooked me up with a vintage extravaganza.

A nice mix of 74's.  Topps made sure to let everyone know that Ed Kirkpatrick was traded to the Pirates.  I would love to see that in modern releases.  Jon Lester TRADED to the A's.
Bru told me he had a bunch of Swell cards for me.  He sent a long some great names including two Mazeroski's!
 Always fun to see some SSPC cards.
 As you can see Bru covered many years.  I really like the Blass
 Some Topps Chipz and an old Bonds coin.  I remember as a kid having the whole set of the Topps coins.
 Here are some more modern releases.  The Triple Play Pirate Parrot card has always been a favoirte.
The Bob Veale card might be my favorite from the whole group of cards sent by Bru.  I don't have many 60's Buccos so this was exciting to see.
 Some of the big name Buccos from the 70's.  I love the Murtaugh card showcasing the other managers.  Always love seeing a Pops card too.
I've seen a bunch of the 68 Topps playing cards, but this marks the first one in my collection.  

Thanks for a great trade Bru.  Look forward to our next deal.  If you are hanging on to some Astros cards be sure to contact Bru.  He is a very generous trader.


  1. Thanks for the trade! I'm glad you liked the stack I sent your way. One of those Chipzzzzzz (I think it's the Alvarez) is the glow-in-the-dark variety, by the way.