The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trade: Chavez Ravining

I've been following Alex's blog Chavez Ravining since right after I started Bob Walk the Plank.  Seeing that he had some Pirates trade bait, I contacted him about a deal.  A few emails back and forth and a deal was struck. Check out what Alex sent my way!
A nice mix of old and new Buccos.  Can't go wrong with Chuck Tanner and Cutch.  Also nice to add a Gaby Sanchez as he doesn't have a ton of cards in the Pirates uniform.
 Another Cutch!  I really like the Altoona Curve Jameson Taillon on the top left.
Shiny stuff!  I probably should dig in my cards and check my Justin Wilson collection.  I think all my trades has probably yielded me close to a rainbow.
Josh Bell got a lot of press during the trade deadline as his name was being thrown around in trade rumors. Early on it was rumored that the Red Sox and Bucs were discussing a trade centering around Bell and Jon Lester.  The Pirates said he was not on the block and the Red Sox ended up going for established major leaguers rather than prospects.  Probably a good strategy if they plan on competing next year.  The above card is a parallel /299
This is the card that originally led me to ask Alex for a trade.  I just opened a bunch of Donruss yesterday (will post my boxes soon) but did not pull this relic.  A nice addition to my Cutch collection.  

Thanks for the trade Alex.  I'm sure this will be the first of many. 


  1. Glad you liked the stuff! Like I mentioned before, I have some more to send your way.

  2. Alex is a great guy. I love the job Topps did with McCutchen's Heritage card this year. Seems like a shot straight out of '65 Topps.

    1. Alex is awesome. Very easy to trade with.

      I like that card as well. It has a nice vintage look.