The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trade: Mark Hoyle

I took yesterday off from the blog to head up to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates play the Padres.  The Pirates lost, but I did get to see former WVU player and Morgantown native Jedd Gyorko.  Here is the view from my seat.  Gyorko got a nice applause as a large WVU contingent including most of his family was at the game.

Back to important blog business.  Mr. Vintage Mark Hoyle hooked me up again.  This time it was 75 and 76 Pirates.  Mark and I have a great thing going where I supply him with modern relics/autos of the Red Sox and he hooks me up with vintage Buccos.  Check it out!
 Another Stargell!

 Dock Ellis.  Maybe he was on LSD for this photo......

As always Mark thanks a bunch.  I always get excited when I see envelopes with your name on it.  You are building me a nice Pirate vintage collection.  I'll have a new envelope out for you tomorrow.  


  1. Great pick up, any day I can see the Candy Man, former Cardinal and Native St. Louisan Jerry Ruess (bad move Cardinals not to sign Jerry and Steve Carlton), what the 70s could have been if they had him, Willie, Zisk, and Doc Ellis is a good day.

    1. Thanks Brady! Mark always gives me such a great variety of vintage cards. Vintage is the weakest part of my collection so it is nice that Mark willing to trade old for new.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree! That would be a fun set to complete, but I'm not willing to open that can of worms yet.

    2. I knocked that one off a while ago

    3. I may look into it once I sell some of Steelers cards.