The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trade: The Card Papoy

Since Kevin and I had a significant gap in between our box breaks he decided to hook me up with some Pirates he had accumulated.  Kevin always finds great stuff for my collection and this latest package was no different. It was almost all hits! 

Cue tons of pictures....

A motto to live by brought to you by the Biebs.

Immaculate has featured a ton of Pirates the last couple of years.  Pimentel was part of the Melancon/Hanrahan trade a few years back. While his numbers weren't terrible he was dfa'd during spring training as the Pirates bullpen was deep.
I remember seeing a meme with Gorzelanny and Sloth side by side. The internet is mean.

Gerrit Cole is getting a little extra rest before the end of the season. Right now it is looking like we are on a collision course with the Cubs in the wildcard. 

Frame relics always look nice.

I don't have many parallels from Archives so getting these from Kevin was very appreciated. The Kiner is numbered to 199 and Marte to 50.

Freddy was always one of my favorites. The standing ovation he received in the 2006 All Star game was one of my favorite sports moments. You could tell he was overwhelmed. 

Kendall is still in baseball helping out the Royals instructing catchers. It was cool to see him in the Fan Favorites set this year. Have to wonder how good his career would have been had he not destroyed his ankle.

Some black parallels of Cervelli and Hart. Cervelli has been great this year while Hart has been hurt all season. Have to think that Hart's career might be over.

Nice on card Heritage auto of Brian Giles. Even if he was an asshole he was awesome for the Buccos. 

More Cole goodness!

I wonder if the Pirates gave Rick Rhoden a world series ring since he pitched in 1 game in 1979.
I like the Ovation autos. Kevin and I opened a box of this stuff and we both enjoyed it.

Stadium Club Cutch always steals the show!

The Pirates uniforms are one of the easiest to get around the license issue. Marte signs a good bit, but his cards still demand a good bit on the secondary market. When I saw this in the bundle I was pretty pumped. A great addition to my Marte collection!

Kevin knows how to finish off a trade strong with the legend himself. While clean shaven Walk might not strike as much fear as the full mustache version, he still has the mullet.

As always Kevin you outdid yourself.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Nice Cervelli :)!

    Oh and I got your package today. Thanks for the relics.

    1. I know relics are not really your thing, but I figured since they are guys you like you might be able to use them.

  2. woohoo ! I hope a few of those were new to you. I really like the design on those autos, even the Prizm...PANINI !!!

    1. Look at you praising Prizm! I might have to find you a PANINI shirt.

  3. If it turns out that all of Bieber's music is a play on Yogi Berra phrases "Never Say Never" instead of "It Ain't Over Til It's Over", I might have to give the kid another shot.
    I'm waiting for the new single "90% of the Game is Half in Your Mind"

  4. Like you said, Immaculate Collection is pretty damn nice.

    1. Immaculate is a great set to hunt on eBay. Looks like you got a good deal on the Tex card.