The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Boom Goes the Dynamite (3 Whale Trade)

Boy oh boy, where do I start with this one. Dennis from Too Many Verlanders channeled his inner Jaybarker with this trade. You know you are in for something special when the trade has to be delivered in a priority mail box.

This actually marks the 12 trade that Dennis and I have made since I started Bob Walk the Plank!

This beautiful 8x10 Auto of Jeff Hostetler was the very first item to come out of the box. Hostetler doesn't have much in the way of certified autos so this is a very welcomed addition. He still lives in Morgantown and run into him quite a bit. He is a big dude so he is an easy guy to notice. 

 I have a very large Starting Lineup collection that is still stored at my parents house. One of these days I need to get them to my house. I never had any of the Startling Lineup 2's as I had stopped collecting before these were released. Happy to add the Pops to my collection.

The Clemente piece is a classic. I have one that is still boxed up so I may free this one and put it in my office.

Now for a crazy amount of WVU hits.

 A sweet patch of Tavon.
This is one of the better looking signatures that I've seen on these type of cards. A lot of times these look extremely faded, but Da'Sean did a good job with pen pressure and utilizing the space. Sweet card of the WVU legend.
 Kay Jay Harris played one of the most memorable games I ever attended at Mountaineer Field. He torched East Carolina for 330 yards rushing. At the time it was a Big East record.
Quincy is from WV and was one of the strongest runners in school history. I remember being so excited when Press Pass and Sage were released around the NFL draft. I would try and hunt down WVU guys right when they were released.
 This is a sharp looking card! Nice patch to go with the auto.
WVU should be called slot receiver U. Seems like our offense is made for super fast, shifty receivers. Reynaud was a product of Rich Rodriguez's offense.
 Hard to keep track of all the SPx variants, but it is still a very nice card. Slaton was a stud for the Mountaineers.
 Another Slaton!

 I keep hoping that WVU would retire Pat's number one of these days. Not the most gifted quarterback but man he made the most of his talents. 4 bowl wins including 2 BCS victories.
 My first Mario Alford card. I've been noticing some autos hit eBay lately, but I've been holding out.
 2 Die Cut Charles Sims.

Now for the Bucco hit parade....
 Latimore never panned out for the Pirates after being a 4th round pick out of high school. Looks like he is playing in the Baltimore system.
 A little reliever love by Leaf. By the way Leaf Signature is awesome!
 Polanco needs to start hitting as their has been lots of rumors the Pirates are going to at least try and find a platoon partner at the deadline. Framed relics are fancy!
 Spanky auto!!!!!
 I'm glad Cervelli has played well for the Pirates as I thought the loss of Russell Martin was going to cripple us.

Nice shot of Maz's very memorable homerun against the Yankees.
 Been a while since I received a Sportflics card.

Ugh...Jose Bautista. :(

Now for the heavy hitters
 Hard to scan the encased Topps Retired cards. I've said it a thousand times but the Candy Man is cardboard gold. If you could somehow make a triple auto with him, Teke and Dave Parker my head would explode.

White Whale time!
 Here is the first of the White Whales. This card wasn't necessarily rare, but it was elusive. For a while this card seemed to show up on auction pretty regularly, but I would fail to win it. Lately I've only seen it with high BIN prices. Thankfully Dennis tracked it down for me and I can finally put this one to bed.

This card featuring Chris Duffy and Andre Ethier doesn't show up much of all. The ones that did hit auction the last few years went much higher than I was willing to pay. Ethier has a pretty big following so his rarer cards still sell pretty well.
2004 Topps Originals Bill Madlock! This card seemed to vanish from eBay. I remember seeing three in about a months span, then nothing at all for 6 months. Dennis to the rescue!

Holy crap Dennis! You really raised the bar with this trade. Thanks so much for hooking me up with so many great cards. I've been on the hunt for something unique for you so hopefully I can strike gold soon.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the Starting Line Ups!Funny story.As a kid addicted to anything baseball related,SL's were right up my alley. My parents knew I was into them and one day picked me up a couple that were on clearance.They were more excited than I was as they handed them over to me.Pat Tabler and Joe Carter :( I didn't outwardly express my lack of interest in the players and actually felt a little bad for them as they were just trying to make me happy.I brought them up to my room and placed them next to the rest of my other Starting Lineup figures.

    1. My parents never bought me any because they could never keep track of what I already had.

  2. Call me Ishmael. It was fun tracking those down for you, but as usual don't expect any subsequent packages to look like that! By the way, the two Pat White inserts came courtesy of Tim's (GSNHoF) COMC.

    1. I expect three white whales in every package now! In all seriousness you were way too kind. That was cool you found the White's through Tim.

  3. Nice mail day. I don't have it in front of me but I have a different Clemente Starting Lineup then you showed. I could be wrong, but I bought it a couple years back at a flea market for about $5. It was a Cooperstown Collection one. I was excited to find it.

    As for the cards, you got some really good ones. I always keep an eye out for WVU players for you, and almost bid on one similar to that Finest of Stedman Bailey. Someone working for the Rams must know some people with the Mountaineers, they draft them often.

  4. I was hoping the Jets would release Geno Smith and then the Rams would sign him. Be pretty cool for him to throw to Stedman and Tavon.

    I still like Starting Lineups but they are hard to display and store. I probably have 200 boxed up at my parents.

  5. Damn... this package was reminiscent of the Battle of JBF. Great stuff. I especially love the SLU's.

    1. Thanks! It was very JBF like. Dennis and I have had some blockbusters.