The Legend

The Legend

Monday, July 27, 2015

500th Post Contest Winners

Things have slowed down enough with entries that it is time to close the contest.  I've decided to pick 3 winners. I'll cater a prize package to each winners specific collection so I may need a little time to hunt down something.  

Overall I had a nice response with 47 entries. 

Random.Org has been down so I had to find another list generator.  I randomized three times.....Here is the final winner list. 

1. defgav
2. daniel wilson
3. jeff jones
4. the lost collector
5. nick
6. tim b
7. brad's blog
8. zman40
9. play at the plate
10. mark
11. greg zakwin
12. wilson
13. nachos grande
14. brian
15. julie owens
16. red cardboard
17. superduperman99
18. the angels in order
19. keith g
21. arpsmith
22. dodgerpenguin
23. al kawamoto
24. fuji
25. richard nebe jr
26. the junior junkie
27. john miller
28. dennis
29. captkirk42
30. dan
31. raz
32. rob
33. tony L
34. stealing home
35. b man
36. kevin papoy 
37. brandon L
38. corky
39. jaybarkerfan
40. robert
41. tony
42. ptown tom
43. gcrl
44. john hazen
45. mark hoyle
46. jupiterhill
47. the dutch card guy

Congrats to Gavin, Daniel and Jeff. I think Gavin is a two time Bob Walk the Plank contest winner! The Lost Collector was so close.....Don't worry AJ I have something cool to send your way anyway. 

Thanks again to everybody who entered. Most of you will probably get something from me soon anyway as I've been accumulating lots of trade bait to send out.  If you haven't traded with me before and want to start, leave a comment and we can break the ice. 


  1. I've been meaning to 'break the ice' anyway. I've been pulling Pirates that could potentially be sent your way for a while now. Shoot me an email: tim dot trisomenc at gmail dot com
    Congrats again on 500 posts!

  2. Cool achievement, being last of all 47 !!

  3. Congrats to the winners!Thanks for the Contest,Matt ;)

  4. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Matt! This news definitely brightens up my Monday in a big way. :)

  5. I'd like to thank the academy, my family .. but seriously thanks man this made my day after a super shitty day at work

  6. Oh so close 45th. Thanks for the contest

  7. Crap - how did I miss this contest. CURSE YOU DAUGHTER!

  8. I am in total agreement to Gavin and Jeff! This really made my day! Thanks Matt!

  9. Thanks for the contest! And congratulations to you on your 500th post... as well as the three winners.

  10. Thanks for the contest appreciate it.