The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Putting a Bow on 2016

I'm not one to give myself a lot of goals when it comes to my collection.  Last year I decided to eliminate impulse blasters and that worked out well.  I think I may have opened 5 retail packs all year. I expect more of the same with how I add cards to my collection.  Check new sets for interesting Pirates and fill in holes of interesting Pirate parallels from years past via eBay and lots of trades!

One area in my collection that continues to grow at a fast rate is vintage. I received so many great trades this year from fellow bloggers that have helped turned what was once my least represented area to a full fledged respectable collection. I capped the year off nicely by getting the Kiner rookie so maybe I look at finding a Stargell rookie this year! If I hit the lottery maybe Clemente!

It was another nice year for trading.  For the third year in a row I received over 100 packages in the mail. The true number is probably a good bit more because of JBF as he sends me about 40 at a time, but either way that is right on pace from the last few years.

My Stamps.Com account says I sent out 75 packages during the calendar year.  That number is down from years past, but still a nice number. Some of this is due to some bloggers taking a break from sending out cards and some trades being streamlined for cost efficiency.

Like everyone else, time is always the biggest issue with blogging. Balancing work and family sometimes can create some headaches, but I will continue to make time for the hobby I love. Hopefully I'll think of a few new things this year for the blog to keep things fresh.

Before closing on 2016 here is the last pending trade package of 2016 from Adam of Infield Fly Rule.

 You have my attention Adam!
 Another fun aspect of 2016 was that more and more bloggers started to send me WVU cards. I don't post about them consistently but I'm adding to that collection just as much as my Pirates.  Pat White is a legend in Morgantown and I hope one day WVU will retire his jersey.

 This was a fun bunch of cards with a few Pirate cameos and former Buccos.

 Looks like Doug Drabek better hurry and field that dribbler.

 The king always gets his lone scan!

 Stadium Club is beloved but same era Leaf and Ultra was every bit as as good. You even get cool skyline shots with Leaf....

Poor Stan is remembered for giving up the hit to Francisco Cabrera. At least he has a cool Leaf card.

 Only Gerrit Cole is still a Pirate of this bunch.

 Right here is exactly the type of card I chase for WVU collection. I'm such a sucker for a card if the player is represented in the college uniform.
 I'm hoping that Hurdle will sign for a set one day. For now I will have to settle base cards like this beauty from Heritage.
Former two sport superstar Dick Groat.  Groat was a Duke guy, maybe he can help control Grayson Allen!

Thanks for all the cards Adam. That was a unique bunch for sure.  This is my official goodbye to 2016 two weeks late! On to 2017 cardboard. As you can see things are piling up.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Haha, it almost looks like Drabek is misplaying the ball in the Stadium Club design!

    1. I thought it was funny. Like to think Topps used that photo on purpose.

  2. Replies
    1. It was another stellar year. Just the constant struggle of finding blogging time.

  3. What the heck is going on there with that Hershiser card? Is he bailing hay? Shopping for sod? Weird.