The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Secret Santa Roundup (Spoilers)

Thanks for everyone that participated in the Secret Santa this year.  We had 36 people which I thought was a decent number for the first year.  Hopefully we can make it bigger and better next year.  Please leave comments below if you have some other ideas on how to make this more fun.  One thing that I was a little to vague on was the revealing of identities.  I'll be more upfront next year.  I thought it would be best for the senders to reveal since many people that joined were newer to the blogging community.  Might be a good way to get noticed by the masses.  Either way we can discuss this and more below.

Here is a list of all those who participated this year.  I'll add a link to the names to those who posted about it.  If you didn't receive cards please shoot me an email and I'll see what went wrong.  If I missed your post leave a comment below and I'll update accordingly.

Tim B (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)  sent by Tony L

Night Owl  sent by Wes (aka JBF)

Cardboard Conundrum   (sent by Brian from Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary.

Bubba's Bangin Batch of Baseball Bits     (Sent by Nachos Grande)

Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession  (Sent by Matt from Cardboard Conundrum)

It's like having my own Card Shop  (Sent by Brady from St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard)

Mark Hoyle  (Sent by Arpsmith)  - Mark doesn't blog, but posted on Twitter. I've linked to the specific Tweet.

Nachos Grande (Sent by Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse)

St. Louis Cardinals Cardboard (Sent by the Junior Junkie)

Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary (Sent by Mark Hoyle)

Foul Bunt  (Sent by Angus from Dawg Day Cards)

The Lost Collector (Sent by P-Town Tom from Eamus Catuli!)

GCRL cards as i see them (Sent by Swing and Pop-Up)

The Raz Card Blog (Sent by Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle)

Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle (Sent by Raz from The Raz Card Blog)

Baseball Every Night (Sent by The Chronicles of Fuji)

Eamus Catuli!  (Sent by It's like having my own card shop)

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard (Sent the Pedestrian Collector)

$30 A Week Habit (Sent by GCRL from Cards as i see them)  *Robert broke the cards up in a few posts

Collecting 1982 Topps (Sent by Dimebox Nick)

The Other World (Sent by Night Owl)

The Chronicles of Fuji (Sent by Dan from The Other World)

Off Hiatus Baseball (Sent by Tyler from Rekindling the Cardboard Flame)

Rekindling the Cardboard Flame (Sent By Tim B from I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the


Jaybarkerfan (Sent by Rob from Collecting 1982 Topps)

Twitch Collects Cards (Sent by $30 A Week Habit)

The Pedestrian Collector (Sent by Billy from Cardboard History)

Cardboard History (Sent by Peter from Baseball Every Night)

Dime Boxes (Sent by Jared from Catching Up with Collecting)

Catching Up With Collecting (Sent by Twitch from Twitch Collects Cards)

Swing and a Pop -up   (Sent by William from Foul Bunt)

The Junior Junkie (sent by Matt from Bubba's Bangin Batch of Baseball Bits)

Dawg Day Cards (Sent by AJ from The Lost Collector)

Dion's IP Autos only  (Sent by Matt from Bob Walk the Plank)

Bob Walk the Plank  (Sent by Dion from Dion's IP Autos Only)

Cardboard Clubhouse (Sent by Andy from Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard)

Sorry if I missed a post.  If you don't plan on making a post just make sure you let your person know the cards arrived safely.

Just remember next year.....


  1. Thanks again for organizing this - well done!

  2. Thanks for putting this together Matt

  3. I agree! Can't wait for the next go around!

  4. I will definitely be in next year.

  5. Definitely enjoyed it Matt -- thanks for putting it together!

  6. It was a lot of fun to do & I'll definitely sign up this year. Thank you for doing it all. My post will be up tomorrow. Apologies for the delay.

  7. This does sound like it'd be fun.. I'd like to join next year

  8. Thanks for organizing this, it was a blast to participate! Btw, I knew it was Tony.

  9. Again thank you, a wonderful idea

  10. Thanks Matt! You did a great job of organizing this festive event. Here's my post:

    1. Got it. I even commented on the post and still forgot. I'm getting old.

  11. Great job. Looking forward to the ones that haven't posted yet.

  12. definitely write me down for next year, sorry I missed out on the action !

  13. Fantastic! What a great idea and I will definitely be signed up again in 2017.

  14. Thanks for putting this all together! It was a lot of fun.

    Also, I just posted mine:

  15. I had a lot of fun with it, thank you for running it. I'll definitely be in again.

  16. Yep, it was fun! Thanks for organizing.

  17. Matt -- Here you ago: Thanks again Matt & Chronicles of Fuji!

  18. Glad to see this was such a hit. I was a bit exhausted after all my "holiday blast" mailings, so I had to pass, but maybe next year.