The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Dimwitted Contest

Sam from the blog The Daily Dimwit recently came out of retirement. This was awesome for a few reasons. First, Sam is a great trader. I was only able to swap with him once as I was relatively new, but it was a big trade involving a Mark Appel and Geno Smith auto. Secondly, Sam was having an easy contest as a welcome back. All you had to do was leave a comment. I was lucky enough to win. Here is the free swag.

Sam was nice enough to tailor the prize and send me all Pirates. The big surprise was the two low numbered Triple Threads cards. The Clemente is a silver parallel /99 and the Grilli is a multi-swatch jersey /36. Awesome cards Sam! Also, it was a nice touch sending the mini Pirates pennant. 

It is nice having you back Sam. I'm looking forward to trading with you again in the near future.Thanks for the contest.

Thanks for reading.