The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trade: Cards from the Quarry

Johnny aka Hiflew of the awesome blog Cards from the Quarry  was one of my very first trade partners when I started Bob Walk the Plank. After posting the contents of one of my box breaks Johnny mentioned he liked a Tulowitzki insert, thus a trade partnership is rekindled.

In return for the Tulo I received some great Pirates.

I don't have many of the orange refractors from Chrome so it was nice to see these. For some reason Marte has seen a pretty significant price hike on the secondary market lately.

I continue to add Polanco's at a crazy pace. I have not purchased one card on eBay this month and I've still managed to keep my pace via trade and box break. 

Back in 1999 I have fond memories of driving to Kmart and opening a good bit of Pacific Private Stock. I was a carefree Sophomore in high school. It is funny how some cards still can spark a memory.

 I forgot about the minis in the Pacific set. I'm digging this Kendall.

I like to assume this is Johnny's new calling card for trades. Either way this is a cool unopened pack of Jonny Quest trading cards.

Thanks for the trade Johnny! I'll keep holding back some Rockies for you so we can continue the fun.


  1. I wish I had enough of those Jonny Quests for them to be a calling card. I am going to be making random non-sports packs my calling card for the foreseeable future.

  2. I like how the Alvarez and Marte orange refractors scanned differently. It almost looks like the Alvarez is the red refractor.

    1. All the Alvarez refractors from Chrome scan weird. Seems to be a little bit of a darker shot than most of the cards.