The Legend

The Legend

Monday, November 3, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

It wasn't a good weekend for Tony and I.  His beloved Bulldogs got thumped by Florida, and my Mountaineers lost as time expired to TCU. One of the best ways to forget about crappy sports days is by trading some cardboard. When I got home on Saturday an envelope full of Pirates was waiting for me. I think Tony gets the record for sending me the most cards in different sizes.  From massive jumbo cards to the smallest of minis, this envelope had it all.

 Clemente is always a nice way to start!
 The legend throwing his 120 mph fastball.
I was really hoping Steve Pearce would break through for the Pirates.  He slugged his way through college and his entire way through the Pirates system.  He just never got it going at the major league level. When the opportunity for extended playing time occurred he suffered multiple injuries and could not stay on the field. After balancing around for a while, Pearce finally got his second chance and made the most of it with the Orioles. He was a big reason why they were so successful this year. I hope he can build on his career year and have a nice finish to his career.

 Lot of star power in this group of 81 Donruss. Love all the uniform pics!
 Jumbo 83 Donruss.

Mini Pirates. Good chance most of these guys pictured will have already played their last game with the Buccos.
 More minis, including an awesome ivy catch by Cutch.
 Pops is not ready for his picture to be taken.

As always Tony thanks for the great assortment of Buccos. You should have a package arriving at your door at some point this week. 


  1. Stargellの写真三枚とも面白いですね。

  2. I agree with ZZ -- those Stargell photos are pretty cool, though I'm still trying to figure out the "Star" hat on the 1981 Donruss card.

    Then again, perhaps that is what the unlicensed card companies should do now -- get the players to wear color-correct hats that have something other than the team on it.

    And, I'm glad you liked these. We probably should just send a box back and forth!

    1. I think I'm officially out of Brewers "hits" right now. I still have piles and piles of cards that would fit your player collections. Might be a while before I get to those as I'm very unorganized.

  3. great-looking crew of Pirates! I like Swell Baseball Greats. Need to get my list updated since I've decided to put a set together. Something about the card design takes me back to the 70s.

    1. Thanks Julie! I like the swell cards too. By the way I just got a nice new Tigers card that will be heading your way soon.