The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stadium Club Group Break

When I first heard that Stadium Club was coming back I was really excited.  All the great photography, cosigners and cool inserts were back. So when Chris from Nachos Grande announced a group break I was quick on the trigger to nab the Pirates. While the break was filling up Chris decided to group a lot of teams for a low price because they lacked the hits of some other teams. I pulled the trigger on the lot as well. This turned out to be a good decision.

My teams

Before I show off the cards I'll give my two cents on the set. The pictures are still top notch so people who have fond memories of the older sets will like the new one as well.  I also really liked the diecut inserts.  They have a cool 90's feel to them.

The negatives of the set are a somewhat weak autograph list.  This is probably the driving force of what is causing the significant price decrease.  The debut price was around $100 and now currently stands at $70.  I really think it will hit the $60 mark soon.

Another miss in the set were the parallels. I don't think Chris pulled any numbered cards, but they really have no features that set them apart from the base card. I purchased the Gregory Polanco autograph numbered to 25 of eBay a few weeks back and other than the serial number it is hard to tell the card apart from the base auto.

If I were in the business of flipping cards for profit I would stay away from Stadium Club. Not enough heavy hitters to get your money back.  For the normal collector who likes to open a box here and there I think this is a fun set.  With the prices dropping it is almost becoming a value buy. Not many sets out there that guarantee 3 on card autos in the $60 to $70 range. My plan is to buy another box and build the set.

Now for the cards.

I took a gamble when I bought the extra lot of teams, and did it ever pay off. The Marlins don't have much in Stadium Club, but our boxes were loaded with them. Obviously it is not ideal to pull two Saltalamacchia's but I'll take it. Two Maury Wills were also pulled. 

Here is a gold variation of the Ty Cobb base.  As you can see nothing really special about the variations.

 I really like this Cole.  Looks like a cool 90's insert.
Same goes with the luminescent Tulo.

My favorite base card! 

This was the last auto pulled in the two boxes and boy was it a good one for me. Polanco is the best Pirate auto to pull from the set. 

Chris threw in tons of extras for the break including some cool custom minis.  Billy the Marlin is a personal favorite.

 Sample of the base.  Lots of cool pictures.

Overall it was a great break for me. Thanks again Chris for throwing in a ton of extra cards and taking the time to hold the break.  I'm looking forward to your next one!

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  1. I'll take one of those Salty's if you're looking to mov one of them.

    Looks like you had a good break. That Polanco is sweet. And keep an eye on Andrew Heaney, he's a beast!

    1. I like Heaney too! I was excited to get the Polanco.

      Salty is yours. My buddy Jared is getting the other. Glad they got interest.

    2. You are too kind. I have another stack ready to send your way.

    3. No problem man. I don't collect Salty so I'm glad you were interested.

  2. Good Break. You have another large break coming this week.

  3. The Clemente card is my new favorite from that set. First time I've that one. Thanks for sharing!

    Got your package the other day. Holy cow!
    Heading to the annual card show tomorrow to try to even the score. Wish me luck!

    1. No need to even score. Just glad you liked cards.

  4. That Clemente is a dream looking card

    1. It has an awesome look! I have several of them. I'll send you one.

  5. Any interest in trading the Tulo? It's been a while since we have traded anything.

  6. So cool the Polanco auto was pulled!! If you want to part with golden Ty Cobb, I can give it a good home.