The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trade: Off Hiatus Baseball Cards

I frequently benefit from Tony's card show trips. Seems like every visit yields something unique for me. It may be a game used card, or some vintage goodness. This time it falls somewhere in between. Who likes TCMA cards? I love these things, and ever since I've started Bob Walk the Plank I have received several in trades. Tony was also nice enough to throw in some extras!
 My favorite Pirate during a terrible period of Pirate teams. Helped make a terrible team watchable.

Mini Polanco from Bowman Chrome. I'm hoping he can secure right field out of spring training. I really don't want Travis Snider winning that job

A lot of people were upset when the Pirates traded Nate Mclouth to the Braves. He was in the middle of a career year, and their hadn't been many rumors that the Bucs were shopping the center fielder. It turned out to be a shrewd move as Mclouth never matched his career year. The trade also netted Charlie Morton and Jeff Locke. The cherry on top was that it opened the door for Andrew McCutchen. 

I've mention before, but this was one of my favorite Pirate cards of 2013. I liked the Glove Stories inserts.

Topps Finest is a really nice set, but one I've never opened. The price point is always just past our comfort zone when we hold our monthly box breaks. My hope is that one of the online dealers has a special during the holidays so I can finally bust a box.

TCMA Madness!!!
Jose Pagan

 Jim Pagliaroni

 Andy Rodgers

Don Schwall

Bob Veale

Don Leppert 

Don Cardwell

Joe Gibbon

John Schofield

Ronald Kline

Thanks Tony for the awesome cards. The TCMA's are always fun to look through. I'm sure I'll come into some more Brewers soon for you. 

Go to Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and trade all your Brewers to Tony.

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  1. I liked that Jim Pagliaroni card because he was one of the guys featured reasonably prominently in Ball Four. Which reminds me that I haven't read that book in a few years.

    Glad these got there and that you like them. It's always fun to try to find some off-beat Buccos for you.

  2. Tony always sends great cards. TCMA rules!

    P. S. -- Got your package yesterday, Matt. Thanks so much!

  3. TCMA's seem to be all over lately

    1. I have been sent a tone in just the short time I've been blogging. No complaints though. I love them.