The Legend

The Legend

Friday, November 28, 2014

Trade: Baseball Card Breakdown

I always enjoy swapping cards with Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. His trade packages always seems to have great variety. This time around it was no different. We have vintage, relics, modern and WVU all represented.

Pete looks like he is 65 years old instead of his actual 27, So much to like about this card. The black warmup underneath and the use of the word bespectacled on the back sets it over the top.
 Really digging the Pops. Extra bonus for the card being in pretty nice condition.
One of my favorite current Pirates. The Pirates are really banking on the big right hander to become a dominating front line pitcher. Health permitting I think it may happen.
 Freddy looks really happy to be an All Star. Awesome card!
This may be my favorite card of the bunch. One thing with collecting the Mountaineers is that most of the guys are pretty cheap. That has allowed me over the years to buy up most releases for guys like Owen Schmitt. To my surprise I actually did not have this card which is awesome. Love this card!

Nice mix of Gyorko's and a Geno. Let's go Mountaineers. 

Donruss is a fun box to open because the price is cheap. I actually just picked up a few more boxes on Dave and Adams during their Black Friday sale. The base set leaves something to be desired but the inserts and recollection autos are nice. I always find myself being a little bit of a Panini apologist, but they seem to offer a better bang for your buck most of the time.

As always thanks for the trade Gavin. I'm sure I'll round up some more stuff for you soon to keep it going. 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Glad you like! Yeah, I tried to keep an eye out for Pirate cards at the recent card show (where much of these are from), but it was mostly 87 Topps Barry Bonds. But I'll be sure to keep a vigilant eye out for more Pirates for you in the future.

  2. The amount of happiness on Freddy Sanchez's face is off the charts.

    1. Little did he know his career would be derailed with injuries. Live in the now.

  3. Gavin always comes thru with some good cards

  4. Great bunch of cards -- as always -- from Gavin!