The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bubba, Ginter Master

Matt from Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits has been spreading Ginter love the last couple of weeks. His main focus is adding all things Ginter to his collection, but he must have been overwhelmed with extras. After a quick email exchange I had a bubble mailer full of Pirate goodness. 

This is a nice relic from 2016 Ginter. Super excited to see this fall out of the bundle of cards. Cole is one of my favorite current Buccos to add to the collection.

 It was nice to see Robbie Grossman land on his feet in Minnesota. Great opportunity for him to maybe carve out a role on a rebuilding team.

I've always liked Bowman Platinum.
 Polanco had a great first half last season, but really tailed on in the second half.  Most think the future is still super bright and that he has a super high ceiling.

Now for the main event!  I loved all the black bordered online exclusives so much I scanned them individually.  Here are the 2015's to start things off.

 Melancon looks more like a history teacher than a shutdown reliever. That nerdy looking teacher is going to get paid this offseason.  Most seem to think 50+ million.  Relievers are getting pricey!

 Josh Harrison is kind of like this teams Manny Sanguillen.  Always smiling and seems to really appreciate his opportunity.

 Horizontal Polanco!

Now for the 2016's.

 Love the Clemente!
 Serious Harrison

These are sharp looking cards Matt.  I really appreciate you thinking of me.  Something about that black border and the black and gold from the Bucco uniforms that make these really pop.

Thanks for reading!