The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holy Cow!

What a great end to arguably one of the best World Series of all time.  I'm happy for MLB as the ratings are through the roof.  Nice time to maybe get some people interested in the game again. The NFL is really struggling this year and the NBA always seems more focused on the international market than in the US.  Baseball is king for the day and all is right with the world.

The scary thing is the Cubs are going to be the favorites for the foreseeable future. Chapman and Fowler are free agents, but the Cubs have the means to replace or resign either one.  This saddens me as a Pirate fan, but this is a good thing for baseball.

While I was watching the game I started thinking about Cubs cards that I could showoff for a congratulatory post. It became clear that I trade with a lot of Cubs fans. Holy smokes, I barely have anything. A few commons here and there and a couple of big cards I bought a few years back that features Pirates and Cubs.

Enjoy the victory Chicago.  You guys earned it.  What a season.  

/Baseball is over this year, now I'm sad. 


  1. Yeah, but the hot stove is just getting warmed up. Should be an interesting off season with the qualifying offer set at 17.2 million and the inevitable push for relievers after KC'success last year, Cleveland's this year, and the Giants and Cubs struggles with the pens in the post season.

    1. The Cubs will probably have to redo their bullpen, but I'm sure they could go out and get one of the big names if they want. Hopefully they get away from Chapman. He deserves to be banished in Tampa or something like that.

  2. I would love to put together something to entice you to trade that booklet to me.