The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Salem Rebels

I don't know a whole lot about this card. It features cardboard legend Teke in his Single A Salem Rebels uniform, but it looks to be some type of reprint set.  Here is the back.

It has all his professional stats on the back so it has to be some kind of commemorative set. Either way it is Teke card and automatically registers extremely high on the coolness factor. Any of you know anything about these? I know the seller I bought this from but he just listed it as a Teke minor league card.

Time to head back to celebrate WVU's win over Texas!


  1. Pretty neat. The stats seem to be missing his swansong with the Reds in 1989. Also, I think the number of games he pitched in 1982 might be a bit inflated. LOL

    1. I saw that. This card is a hot mess and I love it.

  2. This card is from the Carolina League 50th Anniversary set. I have a ton of these cards, cook set.