The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tony Pena, Croissan'wiches and Mountaineers

KO Rob is a frequent participant in our community without running a blog himself.  He and I have talked beer and swapped cards a few times over the last handful of months. I loved our first trade as it featured a lot of vintage Mountaineers.  This time it was a little bit of everything, but the main event was a couple of Mountaineer beauties.

 I love these tall Topps basketball cards.  Rob started off with a bang by sending me the most famous Mountaineer of all time.
 Rob apologized about the condition of this Rod Thorn.  I say it just has more character.

 This doubles as a sweet oddball and an excellent coupon!  I wonder if my local Burger King will honor it.  It is only 30 years old..

 Rob has a great feel for my collection. Always fun to see a card of former WVU great and Collegiate Hall of Famer Darryl Talley.

I've been neglecting my Jerry West collection for too long.  Maybe seeing these great cards Rob sent me will motivate me again.

 Now for the Pittsburgh portion of our show. The star of this bunch is the Harry Greb boxing card. Some guys just naturally look tough, I feel Greb falls into this category.  I feel like I would have had trouble even making eye contact with.

You really have to squeeze in everyone to fit a football team shot onto a card.

I had these six cards appraised. 7.5mil seemed a little light. Time to get Sotherby's on the phone. 

Thanks again Rob.  This was such a unique bunch of cards. Thanks so much for spending the time putting all these together.  I'll be hitting you back soon.  Shoot me an email sometime and we can talk about some beer trading too! 

Thanks for reading. 


  1. Replies
    1. I'm really hoping WVU produces a draftable talent in the near future. I enjoy buying basketball cards.

  2. I'm glad you liked the cards, Matt! I'll definitely email you about a beer trade, and I've already got another stack started with some Jerry West in it for your collection.

    1. Sounds good Rob. I'll need to find some more stuff for you!

  3. "Offer expires 9/1/86"--doesn't say NINETEEN-86! Still valid, bro.

    Those Tall Boy cards look fantastic.

    1. That is true. If they don't honor it I'm going to cause a scene or at least ask for some hash browns for free.