The Legend

The Legend

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Look Back at my 2017 Predictions

Here is what I guessed in March....I copied and pasted my post for ease of reading.

AL East: Red Sox - The team has some depth issues, but on paper they are the most complete team in the division.  Injuries are already starting to pile up so its not hard to see it go to shit, but for now they are my pick. 

AL Central: Indians -  On paper this is probably the weakest division in baseball.  So the AL Champs look to be clear cut favorites. 

AL West: Astros - This one feels close, but I'll take the team with the best lineup. So many good young position players on that team. 

Wildcard 1: Mariners
Wildcard 2: Yankees

Best Record in AL:  Indians

ALCS: Astros over the Red Sox

NL East: Nats - They won a lot of games last year with Harper having a huge dropoff from his 2015 year. He will likely be better so they are still top of the heap this year. 

NL Central:  Cubs - I really don't see how they lose the division. They have so much positional depth. The only area you can be nit picky is the rotation, but then they have the means to go get a big time starter if they need one.  The scary thing is they could easily survive a bad injury to the likes of Rizzo and Bryant because they have Baez and Zobrist. 

NL West: Dodgers - Kershaw is liking have two aces.  They have 75 starting pitchers so depth should be ok as well.  They just don't have many holes. 

Wildcard 1: Mets 
Wildcard 2: Giants

Best record in NL: Cubs

NLCS Dodgers over the Cubs

World Series: Dodgers over the Astros

AL MVP: Mike Trout
NL MVP: Corey Seager

AL Cy Young: Masahiro Tanaka
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

AL ROY: Andrew Benintendi
NL ROY: Dansby Swanson

AL HR champ: Manny Machado

NL HR champ: Giancarlo Stanton

Normally I would pat myself in the back, but this was probably the easiest year in recent memory to predict division winners. The only race that really came into question was the NL East .  The only change I would make for next season as we speak would be to put the Yankees ahead of the Red Sox. 

I almost got the World Series right!  

I went ahead and posted my award predictions too because with the exception of predicting the Stanton HR crown I know I missed everything else. 

The AL MVP is going to Altuve or Judge.  The NL MVP odds on favorite is likely Stanton. AL Cy Young should either be Kluber or Sale while the NL seems to be Scherzer's. I don't think I remember a year where both rookies of the year ran away with the award like Judge and Stanton. 

I'm really pulling for Stanton to win the award this year.  I hate the stupid narrative that the player should be on a winning team.  

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm with you too about player being on a winning team. That's crap. You did quite well this year... you play the lottery?

    1. Ha. Well the division winners were pretty easy to pick.

  2. If only we had been able to buy low on Judge...

  3. Nice job on the predictions. I'm pulling for Stanton too... and obviously Altuve in the AL.

    1. I was happy for Stanton. Votto was probably robbed a little, but chicks dig the longball!