The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Shot of Jameson

Tonight Jameson Taillon makes his debut for the Pirates. Once heralded as the best high school pitching prospect since Josh Beckett, he lost a good bit of that prospect shine because of two major injuries. Tommy John wiped out his 2014 season while a hernia caused him to miss 2015.  

The pedigree of a good pitcher is there and it didn't take long for him to regain his form. Taillon excelled at all the things the Pirates look for in pitchers in AAA including just about every control stat imaginable.  He also keeps the ball on the ground which is key for all the shifting the Pirates utilize. 

This debut has a different feel than Gerrit Cole's.  Maybe that is good in a way that the hype machine hasn't got out of control.  Thankfully for the Pirates Cole turned out to be as advertised.  I think people are just skeptical of someone who lost two years of pitching. 

The good thing is the Pirates are facing a Mets team that is struggling to hit and for whatever reason struggle against the Bucs.  Either way it will make for a good tv.  

Taillon photo dump

Go Bucs! 


  1. Harper Taillon auto is pretty cool and that Patch card is awesome. When do you think Glasnow is getting called up?

    1. Glasnow hasn't had much AAA time so it is hard to predict. During the winter most people were predicting he would be up right about this time. Taillon bounced back so quickly that he passed Glasnow. I still think it will be soon.....maybe all star break.

  2. Good selection of cards there...can't imagine there are too many baseball that have played for both the US *and* Canadian National teams, eh?