The Legend

The Legend

Monday, June 20, 2016

Red Hot Bunting

I don't like bunting in baseball games, but the act of bunting makes for some great cardboard. It is always fun to have bunting cards of guys where it doesn't really fit the player profile. Such is the case with Andrew McCutchen.

Baseball reference has Cutch listed as having 3 sacrifice bunts in his career. Even when he first came up and was batting leadoff, Cutch was swinging away.  That is what makes this card so great.

This card isn't all that rare.  This Topps red hot redemption's were common in 2009.  I would say I probably see 2 or 3 of these hit eBay every month and most seem to sale in the $5-8 range. My copy sold for around $6 shipped.

For the longest time I thought I owned this card.  That is the problem with eBay sometimes.  You get use to seeing certain cards that you begin to think you own them.  I'm sure my office will yield another one of these as I continue the never ending struggle to organize.  Either way this card is one of Cutch's more unique offerings and I'm glad to know I at least have one of them.

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  1. "That is the problem with eBay sometimes. You get use to seeing certain cards that you begin to think you own them."

    And then when you realize you don't have that card yet they all suddenly disappear for months at a time.

    1. It was even worse before I started blogging. Now, many of my new cards get posted so it helps me remember.

  2. Replies
    1. John... I totally thought of you as soon as I saw this card.

      Matthew... great card. By the way... I know what you mean about thinking you own a card. For years I thought I owned a 1997 Legends Steve Largent autograph, but realized a few weeks ago that it wasn't in my collection.

    2. I'm getting better at avoiding the dreaded phantom card, but it still happens every once in awhile