The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Topps Now, But Later Once Again

I continue to search for the Pirate versions of Topps Now cards on eBay.  As of now I believe their are 6 Buccos.  I was able to secure Jung Ho Kang's at a discounted rate a few weeks back.  The Cutch initially was still selling at the $10 mark, but after a few weeks of it being live I was able to purchase it for about $6.

2016 Topps Now Andrew McCutchen

Last week I finally broke down and purchased my first card on Topps.  I'll show that card as soon as I get it.  From what I've seen so far most of the cards sell below the $9.99 asking price after a few weeks on the market. The main exceptions seem to be high end rookies and the usual star players.

I hope all the Dad's out there are having a relaxing day.  My wife and daugher hooked me up with a nice Pirates winter jacket and some baseball and beer oriented books. My hope is to hit a Black Bears game tomorrow and a Pirates game Thursday to round out the Fathers Day festivities.

Thanks for reading!

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