The Legend

The Legend

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Cracked Bat

It was nice to see Julie blogging again. I know I'm not alone in saying that she was truly missed. Our community lacks the female perspective.  If you don't follow Julie do yourself a favor and hit the link. She is a great story teller.

Right after I got back from my vacation I had a bubble mailer waiting for me from Julie. As usual it was a nice mix of old and new.

 Jason Bay is always a nice way to start out a trade.
 I didn't buy any Optic as the checklist was light on Pirates. Always nice to get a little help from a trading partner!
 Lenny Kravitz's Dad.
 Conan O'Brien's Dad.

/not Lenny's and Conan's Dad, but super cool to receive some 58's.

 A real Pirate in Captain William Kidd! I like the Diamond King minis even if looks like Starling Marte is on fire.
 The mid 2000's were such a tease as a Pirate fan. Jason Bay blossomed into a star. Guys like Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez and Adam Laroche were serviceable regulars. The freaking pitching staff sucked something awful.

I always enjoyed the Fleer sets as they were more economical to open. The oddest thing about them was the random color schemes on the bottom, but it didn't really take away from the photo too much.
 The chrome Kang is /999.  I'm a big fan of the purple refractors.

 I'm so glad Cutch stayed a Pirate.  I thought for sure he would be dealt.
Loved the Taillon Update rookie. Always cool to get the pitching coach in the shot!

Thanks so much for the cards Julie.  Hope you are enjoying your time back. I know we all are.


  1. "The freaking pitching staff sucked something awful."

    Welcome to Rockies fandom.

    1. At least altitude can explain some of it for the Rockies. We have a pitchers park.....

  2. Replies
    1. I liked the All Star relics more at that time. It is pretty played out now.

  3. I'm glad Cutch stayed a Pirate too.* I can't stomach the thought of him on another team.

    *For now.