The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zippy Zapped

Nothing like a good Zippy Zappin'. Kenny is one of the best and most unique traders out there. He definitely has a style that is all his own. His custom repacks are so much fun to bust.

This time around I would classify these repacks as the jumbo variety. When I get cards from Zippy I can always count on a nice mix of prospects which you will see are well represented. After that Zippy channeled his inner Hoyle and loaded me down with some great vintage. Old meets new!

 I'm a sucker for Topps Finest. This is a nice rookie of Neil Walker /500.

Did you pull this Zippy? How cool would it be if the Pirates drafted Tolbert? Do you know the future Zippy?

 Robbie Grossman was the main piece that was sent to Houston in exchange for Wandy Rodriguez. At the time Grossman was considered a pretty good prospect for the Pirates. Robbie got an extended look on the big league team last year and has seen some time this year, but it will be an uphill battle for him as the Astros seem pretty set in the outfield.

A nice auto of catcher and former first round pick Tony Sanchez. Tony seems to get a cup of coffee every year, but just can't seem to stick. His defense has really hurt his development.

 A beautiful auto of Pirate prospect Nick Kingham.
 This refractor is /25!

A whole slew of 75's!

 This color scheme fits Dock Ellis very well!

 Zippy made me a super collector of Rennie Stennett.
 Love the Phil Garner!
Some more Stennett. Also, so many Pirates made great baseball cards. This is a great Al Oliver looking completely pissed card.

 Matthew Scott Blogger
 Who doesn't love Teke.
 I thought the Luke "Sky" Walker was a nice match for Zeb.

It wouldn't be a proper Zapping without some prospects. Josh Bell should be helping the Pirates in Pittsburgh next year.

 Skinny Bonds
 Shiny prospects. Glasnow is the Pirates top prospect and projected top of the rotation guy.
 Another Zippy trademark with the Sega Gen cards.
Complete with translation.

As always Zippy thanks for the cards. I always enjoy going through the packages you send and appreciate all the time you put in them. Looking forward to our next swap!

Thanks for reading.


  1. The Duffy Dyer was my favorite out of the cards I sent. Although I'm sure I'll find it in a dime box again since I can always count on 1979 Topps.

    1. That is a very old timey name. You would have thought he played in the early 1900's. Thanks again for all the great cards.

  2. That's one of the largest Zippy Zappyings I've seen. The L.T. Tolbert is my favorite from the lot, but maybe that has something to do with him not quite being a Pirate . . . yet. :p

    1. I always see that set for good deals online, but have never pulled the trigger. It would be fun to open and then stash it for 3 years to see what happened with the guys.

      He could probably play first base for us right now!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the Sega cards.

  4. Great Zippy Zapping. Well rounde

    1. I always enjoy getting cards from Kenny. He and I both like prospects so he always hooks me up.