The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Roy G BIV (JBF Apreciation Volume 8)

Today we are putting the finishing touches on the parallels.  Like yesterday the variety seems endless. Lots of stuff spanning from the 90's to present day. All the big names are represented. 

Endless Color

Might as well start with the biggest star of the Pirates since Bonds.

Another of many failed first round picks by the Pirates.
Grilli seemed like a douche, but he was super productive with the Pirates.

Whenever I see one of these I always think they are printing plates at first sight.  Press Pass had similar cards too.  Think by now I would learn.
Did you know the Pirates had alternate jerseys that were just black t'shirts? Neither did I?
I've been trying to go back and find as many early Ramirez cards that I can.

SI cards are always fun.  Some of the numbered ones are a pain to find.  As usual, JBF to the rescue!
Like to think that Melancon is telling the opposing hitter "You're Fucking Out" Kenny Powers style, but I think he is just celebrating closing out a game.

I loved Walker as a Pirate, but I don't miss the announcers talking about his Pittsburgh roots every freaking night.
Short term Pirate!

This is exciting.  Very nice parallel of the Pirates first round pick last year.
Mackowiak sort of had a cult like hero persona during his Pirate tenure.  His career was nothing great, but he had some very memorable moments.  He also seemed like the kind of guy you wanted to slam some beers with.

I actually had to look up Keel as I had no recollection of him.  He was a 31st round pick back in 2006 that flamed out in A ball.
While Pedro is still around playing for the Orioles, he will go down as another big bust for the Pirates.

The Pirates have had a lot of former Giants in recent years.  Here is World Series hero Travis Ishikawa.

The only thing missing is this card being a diecut then you would have the most 90's card ever.  I think the Jason Kendall quote makes it.
Walter Young had a lot of rookie cards for someone who ended up with 37 at bats as a major leaguer.

I've picked up a few Iwamura cards recently.  His Pirates tenure was a disaster, but he has some great cards.

Speaking of former Giants.

I really hope Taillon can be healthy for a whole season.  If he gets hurt again I'm convinced he is cursed.

Nice to see Hanson getting some playing time in San Francisco.

Nova cards in the Bucco uniform are always welcomed.  He has gotten more Panini love than Topps.
Doumit's career was probably cut a little short because of analytics.  Once the metrics started to hone in on catching defense he was universally panned as one of the worst defensive catchers of all time.  The perfect storm of bad framing and being slow on this throws.
Jumping Jack Flash!
I remember people being upset when Mclouth was traded.  His spot was taken by......Andrew McCutchen.

What a great crop of cards.   If I can get things in order the "hits" will begin tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


  1. One of the weird things about doing a college alumni project is seeing how the kind of group with certain teams. Like for me there are lots of Stanford guys in Baltimore and Oakland. Pittsburgh meanwhile has a bunch of short-term-stops like Gerut (Sprague, Ballard, and Buechele are other examples).

    1. I wish I could collect more WVU baseball guys, but they just haven't produced many major leaguers. Jedd Gyorko is really the only established guy from the last 10 years.

  2. Rob Mackowiak was one of my favorites, his cult hero following spread wide and far across the land.

  3. Roy G Biv! Haven't heard that in years.

    1. Wes sent so much color it made me think of it.

  4. Iwamura is one of my favorites of all time.

    1. It's funny because people seemed to love our signing of him, but he just tanked hard core and washed up.

  5. That's a lot of color. Are you holding JBF's guinea pig hostage or what?