The Legend

The Legend

Monday, May 28, 2018


2005 Donruss Team Heroes Matt Lawton /10

Another retail exclusive set!  Unlike the UD set I showed yesterday, I'm very much familiar with Donruss Team Heroes.  I have several cards in my collection from this set. 

The true gem in the set as a Pirate team collector is Matt Lawton.  If you were a fan of the Pirates during this time frame, you would really become familiar with the veteran acquisition process. Sign middle of the road veteran that is past prime, trade at deadline and get nothing of note in return.  

Card wise it leaves you with few options. Thankfully Team Heroes captured the Lawton tenure. I guess it helps that during this time frame roughly 30k sets were being produced.  At least a few of them turned to some short tenured guys.  

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  1. Yes! Matt Lawton is great! He became my favorite Twins player in the late 90s after Hrbek and Puckett retired.

    1. The Pirates made some terrible signings. Lawton was good, but for whatever reason they liked playing old veterans instead of developing young guys.

  2. I always had high hopes for Lawton. I was disappointed to find he used PEDs. Still, this is a sweet card for a player I rooted for in the 90s.