The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Last Hits (JBF Appreciation Volume 10)

We are sooooooo close to the end.  These will be the last of the modern cards I'll be sharing.  Like yesterday there was no real method to the madness on how I ordered these.  The only difference is this post will have all the 1/1's. 

Obviously plates don't scan very well.  This is Franquelis Osoria.  He only pitched in a few games for the Pirates but has a unique characteristic I forgot about.  He has an extra digit on his throwing hand!
Most people kind of rolled their eyes at these buybacks Leaf released a handful of years back.  I kind of liked them because it allowed me to find some new Walk cards.  Also, how else could I add a 1/1 RJ Reynolds!!!!

Gaby Sanchez had a great year with the Marlins right before he came to the Buccos, but could never reclaim that magic.
Once a top prospect with the Buccos, Herrera got dealt in the Marlon Byrd trade.

Early relics were just more fun.  All kinds of weird shit on the cards to keep it interesting.
You just don't see low numbered Elite Autos very much on eBay.
The Fan Favorites autos have been more hit than miss lately, but I was thankful to see John Smiley.
Former Black Bear Will Craig! 
Barnes was a legit prospect for a long time in the Pirate system, but was derailed by injuries.

One of my favorites autos from a few years back.  Love the flashback autos.  A lot of people forget Alou was in the Pirates system.
Tony Plush

Wilson probably had one of the more unique autos in recent Pirate history.


Pops relics are always a good thing.
Early Bowman's Best had some weird relics.


Cobra was a badass.

Operation Shutdown
Melancon looking like a boss.
These dual autos from Stadium Club seemed like unicorns when I was young.  You just never seemed to see them.  Pretty cool combo here of two guys that played in the league a long time.

Lots of reliever love.  Autos of Hanrahan and Grilli and the relic of Melancon above. Both autos are on card as well!
This is probably the best card of the bunch.  Hank Greenber and Billy Herman were only Pirates for a very short time.  One of the more unique combination of players you will see on a relic card.
International sex symbol Zane Smith.

The Diamond Collection relics worked well with the gold Sunday Pirate uniforms.
older Maz.

Hard to track the ball in the snow.

Oh man, did this set have about 10 million combos.  It was awesome but confusing as shit.
I'm suffering from hit fatigue.  That was a ton of great cards of pretty much all the big names of the Pirates in the past 50 years.

Coming up next.....VINTAGE and then the finale.


  1. Just so silly. The Classic Lineups is great!

    1. Yeah I love that card. Panini still has the best checklists.

  2. Tons of great stuff, and there's no way this will ever be topped unless Wes sends you the same amount of stuff personally delivered by Bob Walk and Pat White!

    1. There will be no topping this event. Not by me any way lol

  3. Let me get this straight: Leaf bought back one copy from 1992, put a stamp on it, and re-released it as a 1/1?. That's crazy. Aside from that, the bat relics of Madlock and Greenberg, Liner, and Herman are way cool.

    1. Kind of stupid, right? Either way it allowed me to go get some "new" Bob Walk's and RJ Reynolds cards.

  4. That Barnes plate is sweet. I enjoyed watching him while he was here at Tech. Is he even still playing? If so, I hope he gets a shot some day.

    1. He was released by the Pirates. He is independent ball now. He just couldn't stay healthy and was passed up by so many guys.

  5. Replies
    1. It has been a continuous shake for over 4 years with me.

  6. The Moises Alou flashback auto is a really sweet looking card. I didn't know Donnie Veal pitched forthe Buccos... he's a former Peoria Chief.
    Lastly, Emil Brown, random but true fact of the day: Emil Brown is the only future major leaguer I every played against in high school. I actually have that auto (or one very similar to it) in my collection for that very reason.

    1. That is cool. Emil Brown had a decent amount of hype as a Pirate, but he just couldn't get himself established at the MLB level.

  7. amazingly awesome! you can open up a card shop in your area with the stuff he's recently sent you.