The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Numbers Addendum (JBF Appreciation Volume 4)

My intentions were to combine all the Steelers parallels into one post, but as you will see the volume got to be so much.  I also didn't want to take any scanning shortcuts since my tribute to Wes was to scan every card he sent my way.  It is after all JBF appreciation week!

I have to be careful because when I received Wes's final box of craziness it was stoking the collecting fire of my more dormant Pens and Steelers collection.  While I always try to trade for those cards, I actively avoid spending cash via eBay to ease the financial burden.  

As is the theme here are a few more interesting items Wes has sent my way over the years.  

 Yes, that is a GI Joe and a utility tool.
 Barry Foster!
Maybe I should super collect rodeo? 

Now to round two of Steelers parallels. 

I feel like I probably have full rainbows from Prime Signatures.  Wes has sent me a shit pile over the years. The cards are very nice and super thick.

Not a true Polamalu card unless you can seem some flowing hair.  Pittsburgh has always had strong hair game. Polamalu, Mccutchen and Jagr come to mind right away.
Antonio Brown is probably the most beloved of the current Steelers because of fantasy football.  If you are in a PPR league look out.

This bunch definitely has a newer flair then yesterdays.  Lots of current players.

I'm actually surprised Big Ben just hasn't completely broke down by now, yet he puts up big numbers every year.
Just like baseball, it is nice to get all these high end set parallels.  You just don't seem them pop up that much.

I really think these are my favorite parallels that Wes has sent.  They just look classy.
Prime Bus would be scary to try and tackle when he has a full head of steam.

More high end base parallels.

Interesting to see if the Steelers walk away from Le'Veon Bell.  They've been pretty non committal to running backs over the years.

So hot he is on fire!
I rare Duce Steelers card.
I don't follow football cards as close as baseball, but I'm guessing Jesse James doesn't have a ton of rookie cards out there.

The border kind of looks like wallpaper my Grandparents had growing up.

This looks more like a Stadium Club shot.

So many great sets.

I still smile when I see old Pacific sets.
Prizm can be pretty cool with a license!

Along with Prime Signatures, Wes has a solid Certified pipeline. Feel like I've received a ton of those as well.
Steelers just moved on from Bryant.  Just not enough passes to go around with the emergence of Ju Ju Schuster.

Yes! I really like this one.
Bold prediction by Playoff considering that Spaeth was more of a blocking Tight End while Heath Miller got all the production.

This is pretty badass.

/chugs a Gatorade! That was a lot of great stuff.  I feel like Wes must have been part of every case break in the last 5 years and only chose Pittsburgh oriented teams.

See you soon!


  1. How did you not mention the Great Bob Walk when discussing quality hair game?

    1. Haha. Bob will be prominently features once I get to the baseball portion.

  2. My son was just asking me the other day if there were rodeo cards to collect. I didn't know there were. Adriano Moraes is a pretty good bull rider to have.

    1. I had no idea until I got the one Wes sent a few years back.

  3. Antwaan Randle El and Franco Harris... two of my favorite Steelers!

    1. Its fun when your team has a bunch of former quarterbacks on the roster. You can always draw up a few fun plays.

  4. Seeing all of those non-Topps designs makes me want to start collecting football cards again.

  5. Stephon Tuitt's facemask really stands out- He looks like he could be an extra on the next Mad Max film!

  6. I'm disappointed you didn't name your daughter Martavis. Or did you?