The Legend

The Legend

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Numbers Game (JBF Appreciation Volume 3)

It's scary to say, but the Pens and WVU posts were appetizers.  While plentiful, I could easily fit all those cards into one posts without making everyone scroll for an hour.  Totally different story with the Steelers.  Buckle in folks. 

As with the previous posts I've been throwing in a few flashbacks to previous bombings from the Hazel Green Madman.  Check these out.

This was one of the bigger surprises Wes had sent me that wasn't baseball related.  It was totally unexpected and pretty early on in our trading game.  Not everyday you receive a Hall of Fame auto jersey in the mail. 

Wes has sent a ton of non core sport items too me.  In our dialog back and forth we mention wrestling a lot. While I don't watch anymore I was a huge fan growing up.  Of course good ol JR was a big part of that. 

The theme of this portion is numbered.  Every card in this bunch is a parallel, most of which are below 100. It should give you an idea of the amount of cards that came my way.  The auto/relic portion is gigantic. 


My two biggest player collections when I was actively purchasing Steelers cards on eBay were Hines Ward and The Bus.

I've talked a lot about the baseball version of Throwback Threads over the years.  I was a big fan because the boxes often delivered a ton of value and unique memorabilia cards.
Fuqua was the intended target of the Immaculate Reception and one hell of a dresser. Here is a cool collage I found on Google Image.

Martin didn't amount to much in the NFL, but he had a great collegiate career at Tennessee.  He is also making a name for himself as a coach.  He is now the offensive coordinator at USC.
Leaf Certified cards are always coo..

Hines is my boy.  One of these days I showoff some of my better cards of his in my collection.

Randle El had a fun stretch as a Steeler.  He did a little bit of everything and was money on trick plays since he was a quarterback in college.
It always kind of felt like Wallace only ran a go route as a member of the Steelers.  Guess it was a good idea as he cashed in with the Dolphins as a free agent after he left Pittsburgh.

Another great name in Steelers history.

Slash was probably a little ahead of his time.  His skillset probably wasn't appreciated as much as it should have been.

The Steelers have always been pretty good about choosing what players to walk away from once their free agency approaches.  Woodson was probably their biggest mistake.  He ended up having a good bit left in the tank when he went to the Raiders.

Former XFL star Tommy Maddox!!!!

Harrison finally called it quits.  He always seemed off his rocker, but he was good for a long time.

Some newer guys!

Love this one!
Authentix cards were so odd.  I have a ton of the baseball version.

Miller's retirement was a big hole to fill.  He was so consistent for such a long time.

Landry Jones probably has a nice gig.  Obviously he doesn't play much because of Big Ben, but always gets to stick around since he has been in the system for so long.
I don't think anyone in a million years thought for one second that Antonio Brown would be as good as he is.  He is on pace to break some pretty significant records.

Big fan of Inception cards.
JJ's brother.

Yesssss! This is a badass card.

You could start a whole sub collection of legendary Steelers that have modern releases.
Nice to see him moving around after suffering such a scary injury.
One of my prized Steelers cards in my collection is a Polamalu autograph.  During his playing days he just didn't sign much.  He had couple rookie autos and that was it for years.

Elite has so many parallels and inserts that it can be pretty tough to keep track of.  Passing the Torch cards are probably my favorite.

Of course I end this round with an awesome Pacific card.

Are you tired? Did you knock over you coffee trying to scroll down.....Things only get bigger moving on. Like I said above, this is only the parallel portion.

See you soon for Volume 4.


  1. OK, that Jack Ham jersey is awesome...I was fortunate to be around for all 4 of those Super Bowl wins, and that Steel Curtain defense, in my opinion, is the best in NFL history.
    Great job!

    1. Yeah, that defense produced so many Hall of Famers!

  2. That signed Ham jersey is sweet!

  3. Some nice stuff in there, considering they're Steelers.

    1. Ha, I'll take that as a compliment from a hardcore Browns fan!

  4. If you're going to wear a purple jumpsuit, you just have to have a matching cape!

  5. That signed Jersey is sweet