The Legend

The Legend

Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Triple Threads

One of the signature cards of Topps Triple Threads is the All Star themed patches.  For those who follow me on a regular basis know that I can't get enough.  I love these cards and make it a little project of mine to try and at least get one a year.  This year I struck early.
2014 Topps Triple Threads Pedro Alvarez All Star patch /9

Pedro Alvarez has had a disastrous year.  He had to be moved off third base after leading the NL in errors.  For some reason he forgot how to throw to first base.  Adding fuel to the fire he hurt his foot and most likely will miss the playoffs.  Pedro's struggles probably helped keep the price of this card reasonable.  I paid just below $50 shipped.  While still very expensive, it is a reasonable price to pay for a high end hit out Triple Threads.  Box prices right now are in the $170 range.  

My focus now will probably be to find the Jeff Locke version of this card.  One went off recently for $60 which is a little high.  Hopefully I will find one in the near future.  

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  1. Those patches are insane. Beautiful card!

    1. Thanks Fuji! Hopefully I can find the others for a reasonable price.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kevin! Still trying to find some of the older releases. Usually I'm always working a few years behind, but the price was right on this one to go ahead and pull the trigger.

  3. That is a radical patch! You have an incredible collection!!!