The Legend

The Legend

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Double Triple Threads

Topps Triple Threads is one of my favorite releases every year.  I've only purchased one box in my life as the price point is between $150-$200, but I often chase the Pirate singles every year. The 2013 version was no different as the Pirates were well represented on the checklist.

 2013 Topps Triple Threads Patch 3/3
2013 Topps Triple Threads Patch 1/3

The way Triple Threads generally works is that there are 3 variants of each card.  Here are two of the three for Andrew McCutchen that are numbered to 3.  I've actually seen the third variant pop up on eBay a couple of times, but each time it went north of $100.  As much as I wanted to go after it, the price was just too high.  One of these years I will find it.  


  1. Gosh I love TTT. Those are such beautiful cards. My dream is to bust a full 18 box master case some day.

    1. That would be awesome! I always dreamed of pulling one of the All Star patch booklets.

  2. Great looking cards, I really like that top patch!

  3. Triple threads patches are great, nice pickups!