The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chavez Ravining Group Break (Pirates and Reds)

A few weeks back Alex from Chavez Ravining put together a group break of Topps Chrome.  This year I have been staying away from breaks as the Pirate hits are few and far between.  Basically it is Polanco and Lambo, or bust.  I decided to participate in Alex's because Topps Chrome is awesome and the price was very affordable.  The extra bonus with the break was that each person was assigned a random team.  Along with the Pirates I received the rival Reds.

A nice mix of refractors of some pretty big names.  These always scan a little funny, but in person they have a really nice shiny look to them.
A nice mix of Pirate base.  The box break did yield a team set so that was cool.  Also have a ton of Red's base.  Anybody want to trade?
As incentive to sign up for the break Alex offered some bonus cards.  I got one of my favorite non Pirates in Troy Tulowitzki.  Poor guy just can stay on the field.  Hall of Fame talent with the durability of my Grandmother.
This is another cool card Alex threw in stack of cards as a bonus.  This is a purple refractor out of Heritage.  These always scan blue.
 Alex pulled me a nice McCutchen insert.  Sharp looking card.

More bonus cards that Alex threw in.  Josh Bell and Tyler Glasnow were the Pirates positional and pitcher of the year winners.  Big time talents.
The first "hit" was a sepia refractor of Johnny Cueto.  This was one of the better parallels pulled from the break so I was happy to get it.  The card is /75.
The Pirate hit was an Andrew Lambo autograph.  Lambo seems to be in every Topps product this year.  Once a big prospect with the Dodgers, his status has fallen quite a bit as a Pirate.  His two positions are right field and first base which are all occupied.  He will probably need to be traded in order to find consistent playing time.  Either way it was cool to pull an auto out of the break.  

Thanks for hosting a great group break Alex.  Hope you do it again soon.  Also, big thanks for all of the extra cards.  They are much appreciated.  


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! Thanks again for joining the break!