The Legend

The Legend

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big Game

Big game tonight between the Sooners and Mountaineers.  Should be an awesome environment.  I'm hosting a tailgate at my house in which the festivities are just about to begin.
2009 SP Authentic Dual Auto Slaton/White /50

Nothing beats a nice on card auto with beautiful signatures of two former WVU stars.  

Here are a couple craft beers we cracked open last night.

We started with the IPA and worked up to the unidragon stout.  Both were delicious!  

How about those Pirates!  What a game last night.  Russell Martin delivered a huge three run homer to lead the Buccos to a win against the Brewers.  A win tonight almost guarantees at least a wild card spot.  

Enjoy all the great football and baseball today.  Let's Go Bucs!  Let's Go Mountaineers!


  1. Is there anything better in life than tailgating with buddies? I guess busting wax while tailgating with buddies.

    1. Ha. It would have been perfect if we opened up a box of cards.

    2. There's always next week... right? ;-)

    3. Very true. How about you hop on a plane and we'll open some cards and watch football at my house. In person trading!

    4. The next time I'm in that part of the country, I'll give you a call. Actually it would be my first time. So far in 42 years... the furthest east I've ever traveled is Texas. One of these days I'll venture beyond the middle of the country. When I do... can we make sure to hit up a Pirates game too? ;)

    5. If you are coming that far we need to see more than one game!