The Legend

The Legend

Monday, September 22, 2014

Trade: Hot Corner Cards

Last month Pat from Hot Corner Cards had a post where he was offering up his team lots.  I jumped on the chance to land some Buccos I didn't have.  All Pat asked in return were Tigers of any sorts. Over the course of the month I sent Pat a couple of envelopes of Tigers and on Saturday I received the lot of Pirates.  The lot was full of Pirate goodness ranging from the mid 80's to present day with just about every set imaginable.  Here is sample I put together by position.

 I like the Tony Pena action shot.

 Seeing Aramis Ramirez just makes me sad.  The worst trade in Pirate history by far.

The Pirates struggled for several years trying to find a replacement for Jack Wilson.  Thankfully it looks like Jordy Mercer is starting to stabilize the position.
Neil Walker just recently broke the Pirates team record for homeruns by a second baseman passing Mazeroski.  Have to wonder how many he would have hit if he hadn't missed so much time.
Adam Laroche continues to put up good numbers for the Nats.  While with the Pirates he wouldn't start hitting until after the All Star break.  By the time the Pirates were always out of the race.
 Any Pirate fan in the late 80's early 90's loved Andy Van Slyke.
 The bullpen guys!  Cool shot of Stan Belinda getting ready for his crazy side arm delivery.


Let's end with the Pirate Parrot celebrating a win just as they did tonight.  The Pirates played a third consecutive 1-0 game for the first time since 1917.  

Thanks again for all the great cards Pat.  You supplied enough to have blog posts for 3 months!  

Thanks for reading.  


  1. The 86T Tony Pena is a masterpiece. One of my favorite base cards from the 80's. If I ever had the opportunity to get his autograph, I'd probably ask him to sign that card.

    1. It has a great look. Pena was a good player, but the thing he is remembered most for in Pittsburgh is being traded for Andy Van Slyke.