The Legend

The Legend

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not Bad for Stickers

2012 Bowman Chrome Andrew McCutchen/Gerrit Cole Dual Auto /25

Ask anybody that collected modern Pirates during the historic losing streak and they would agree that we were a little spoiled.  Players such as Jason Kendall, Brian Giles and Jason Bay were affordable even on smallest of budgets.  

With success comes the obvious downfalls with collecting autos.  Andrew McCutchen is the Pirates first superstar caliber player since Barry Bonds.  In terms of position players most would agree that Cutch is on the short list of best players in the game not named Mike Trout.  Ever since his debut both he and the Pirates have improved.  With improvement comes more notoriety, which leads to higher card prices.  

The Chrome card featured above is one of the last high end McCutchen's I added to my collection. This card doesn't pop up much anymore, but my guess it would fetch in the high 100's.  The baseball fan in me is happy that Cutch has had so much success and has turned himself into a superstar, I just get a little bummed that I can't actively pursue his cards anymore.  

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  1. Great graphs! Can't really see either of their names in the autographs... but they look cool with all of the loops.

    1. At the very least McCutchen's signature has stayed pretty consistent over the years.