The Legend

The Legend

Friday, October 21, 2016

Contest Winnings

Brian of HSCA ran a couple of contests for the wildcard games based around dingers. I was among a few winners that hit the AL portion. This ended a fairly long drought for me on blogging contests. 

 I think this is one of the first Donruss Optic cards I've received.  Essentially is Donruss Chrome.  Pirate cards probably are among the best looking when it comes to non licenses.
 Brian must have a guy that saves him WVU cards because I get them in almost every trade we make.
 Marte had his best statistically season last year.  He stole more and raised his obp.  I'm hoping he continues this path as he needs to be great in order the Pirates to contend.

I just busted a box of A&G that I'll share sometime next week.

 Topps Bunt has been talked about a good bit in our community. I think must people are in agreement that they like the set and hope they improve it some for another release.

Former WV Black Bear Kevin Kramer! 

Thanks for the contest Brian.  I should have just called this HSCA week on the blog.  


  1. Since the Gophers haven't been good for decades, college football doesn't get much attention at card shows here, the good news is that a person can still find vendors selling some. The prices for anything outside the Big Ten conference are great! Perfect for trading.

    1. When I was in Providence last month I struck gold at a card shop by finding a ton of WVU items. They love the professional game in that area.